"I am not a healthy firefighter"

Scientific research shows that the membrane, present in the clothing, acts as a filter against carcinogenic substances. Measurements on fire intervention clothing by the accredited textile laboratory CENTEXBEL demonstrate, after one or more fire interventions, average concentrations of toxicity on the clothing that are up to 12 times higher than what is allowed by the European REACH legislation.

Decontamination means the removal of all toxicity from the garments to a level below the maximum permitted values listed in the OEKO-TEX STANDARD CLASSES 2 and 3, without impairing the functionality of the garments and with respect for the environment. DECONTEX® TECHNOLOGY decontaminates fire intervention clothing exclusively using liquid CO2 cleaning technology developed by NASA. Only this technology makes it possible to achieve total deep-cleaning of the intervention garments without any risk of degradation.

DECONTEX® TECHNOLOGY is the only solution that allows complete decontamination of fire intervention clothing, extends the life of the clothing and significantly reduces the environmental footprint.

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